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One Nation Labour is institutionally racist and sexist

I used to like Owen Jones, I’ve never really liked Ed Miliband. Yeah he looks like a cross between a panda and Wallace but that isn’t a reason not to like him. Ed Miliband is better than David Cameron but setting such a low bar for acceptance doesn’t make you a decent human being. Ed accepts a lot of the racist and sexist paradigms that we have to endure in this country. So I had a go at Owen Jones for endorsing Miliband’s racism and sexism. How can this possibly be you ask? Well I wrote this to explain.


The Government’s New (old) Idea: Blame working class immigrants for everything

I have been really upset about the latest immigration policies that are designed not to “save money” as Government ministers insist but to demonise those who look and sound different to the white politicians who are pushing them through. So I wrote this piece to explain some of my frustrations.

From Red Gold to Blood Strawberries

I wrote a thing about the 30+ Bangladeshi migrants in Nea Manolada who got shot by their Greek bosses. Read it here.